Friday, August 12, 2005

Dancing Socks

The knitting part on these socks was finished a couple weeks back during a 14 hour car trip home from a wedding. I don't have a problem with kitchner stitch--except in the car. So they have been sitting in my knitting bag waiting for the finishing touches.

The yarn is KnitPicks's Dancing. It's a cotton blend. The pattern is actually modified from a Peaks'n'Valleys pattern from Mountain Colors. I like shorter socks and decided to do a picot edge instead of ribbing. The patterns was fun to work with and really easy once I got the rhythem down. Best part is it took just under one skein do a pair of socks. Perhaps there might be a Christmas gift with the other ball I ordered. I got lots of compliments on them from family members when I was working on them during the trip.

I tried and tried to get a good picture while they were on my feet--but it just didn't want to happen. Feet must not want to have their pictures taken.

My only complaint is that they are a little bigger (the socks) than I am used to, I could go down one needle size to a 1, but I think things might be too dense then.


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