Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Still Alive

okay, the reason for my absence? Computer issues. I have not been able to access blogger on my computer. We'll see if it holds out. I have worked on lots of things in my absence, socks, a few sweaters for the kids (they're much smaller), spinning and weaving. I'll get pictures of the current stuff as I work on them (and if the access holds out).

Sunday, August 05, 2007

August Already

It's been a little while, it's been hot and when it's hot I don't really like to sit by the computer that much. I have even been spinning right in front of the A/C. The past couple of days have been wonderful (it's 64 F at 3 pm) and I feel human again. I hve also had some computer issues that I thought were blogger's fault, but were actually the computer's.
I have been a little on the down side as the summer is winding down, school starts the 23rd and I don't feel like I have accomplished much this summer. My goals I think have always been the same since I can remember: completely clean and organize my house and lose 20 pounds. It seems that I never get those two things done.
I have finished a runner from the loom for a wedding gift:

This project used Maysville Carpet Warp set at 24 epi with cotton fabric as weft. I am pretty pleased with the outcome and there are actually two runners that came off this warp. Warp take-up was a little more than I am used to and I think I am going to need to consider a longer warping board. I am happy with this project.

One the loom next:
The former sewing room needs some rugs to cover the white berber that has a lot of stains. This stuff is glued down good. What a good excuse for me to make rag rugs right? The two balls of brown are some sheets that we Teddy Grahams. We have many sheet sets that aren't used, so I thought they would be better off as rugs. The walls in the room they are going in are a wonderful chocolate brown. I am a little jealous of the color actually, the thought of repainting our bedroom did cross my mind. ..

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I needed a brainless propject. Socks are good. I needed something more brainless than dishclothes. I got out the new skein of Tofutsies from SWTC and cast on.

I have not decided if I like this yarn or not. It doesn't feel like yarn. It's like I am knitting with floss. It is also pretty fine, so I am on zero needles and it is taking forever. I started out with a K2P2 ribbing, but I ripped it--it was taking too long. Me thinks that if I continue, these might be anklets. Anyone else knit with this?

Monday, July 09, 2007

I tried to add a title, but Blogger said no way today. Hence, no title.

I am in the process of learning about the loom. I tried to make a dishcloth using the same cotton I used with the rigid heddle. Mistake. It is three plies of 16/2 cotton. It wasn't a problem until the reed was threaded with two of those per dent. That makes 6 16/2 pieces through each dent in a 12 dent reed. The plies are not bound together in anyway. Plies got seperated and threaded in the wrong heddle and it was total mess. Me thinks that a 15 dent reed with one of these will make great dishtowels and LYS sells this stuff dirt cheap. They also mix the three colors and it looks cool. This is sold mainly for machine knitting.

Second try was a twill threading of the above yarn, 1 per dent. Not too bad, a few mistakes.

Knitting has been happening as well. This is the cloche from Lace Knits. Yarn is from Plymouth, it is alpaca and oh so soft. This is a gift for an Aunt recovering from chemo treatments. I like the pattern better in person, I did buy more yarn to make another one. It looks much better in person than in the book. It wasn't until I saw it in my not so LYS that I wanted to make it.

The Aunt also needs a pair of socks. These are Mountain Colors superwash. She is also diabetic, so I chose to go with a ribbed pattern all the way having never made her a pair of socks before.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Room Reveal (Sort of)

There are few things in life that neccesitate complete room re-dos. The ones that come to my mind are babies and floor looms. Yes, I acquired a floor room and had to rearrange most of the house to accomodate it. The bright side is that now I have my own fiber studio. The down side is that I can't find room in it for everything. Strange, I thought this room was much bigger when I started....
I am still in the organizing stages and finalizing some stuff, so perhaps I will put a few pics up when that happens.
But what about the loom you might ask. I think I will name the loom Red because that was the color I became while waiting for it. I went to a surplus auction and waited all day long with the other fiber junkies for our chance. The university stopped offering weaving classes several years ago and were getting rid of the looms. I know, it is a crime. This particular loom is a 4 shaft, 36" weaving width. I am not positive on the brand as there is no label. I think it may be a Kessenich. I have cleaned it up and need to do a little lubrication. Of course I also need to decide on a project to weave.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Time for a room re-do. One day I will count how many rooms we have in our house and how many have been redone. I forgot to take pictures of what the room looked like as our current guest room. I only remembered to take a few pics after most everything had been moved out.

We pulled up the carpeting and found a little surprise:

It's a little pleasant surprise. It is destined for a new coat of paint. This may shock some but perhaps one day I will refinish it. It is pine plank. I think it may have been varnished, but I can't tell for sure. I don't have the time or energy for a flooring refinish at the moment. Besides, the modern layers come right off, it's those that are closer to the 100 year mark that are hard to remove. The paint I picked out is called Mt. Olive and I think that it might look cool having the scuffs showing the creme color underneath.
So what is the reason for all this effort? All shall be revealed when the time is right.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Three Little Kittens

Here are my Latvian-esque mittens that I finished the last day of May. I am hoping to get some mittens and socks done this summer--they are good to take to the pool and while shuttling the kids around. These were based on the child's mittens in Latvian Mittens. I did modify the thumb opening to put it on the side, which happens to be my preference. I really enjoyed the loop and the braid stitches. I am hoping these will fit the recently turned 4-yr-old when it comes time for fall. She did try to wear them to the store already this summer, so she does like them. My goal (I have two years) is to make mittens for the daycare workers who have been steady fixtures in my children's lives.
She is the reason for the title of the post, the nursery rhyme is one of her current song favorites. She emphasizes the 't' in the words and is ever so cute when the kittens cry. Instead of soiling the mittens, in her version the kittens have sold their mittens.
yarn: KnitPicks Palette in petal and black
needles: Clover Bamboo 1 dpns

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