Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Three Little Kittens

Here are my Latvian-esque mittens that I finished the last day of May. I am hoping to get some mittens and socks done this summer--they are good to take to the pool and while shuttling the kids around. These were based on the child's mittens in Latvian Mittens. I did modify the thumb opening to put it on the side, which happens to be my preference. I really enjoyed the loop and the braid stitches. I am hoping these will fit the recently turned 4-yr-old when it comes time for fall. She did try to wear them to the store already this summer, so she does like them. My goal (I have two years) is to make mittens for the daycare workers who have been steady fixtures in my children's lives.
She is the reason for the title of the post, the nursery rhyme is one of her current song favorites. She emphasizes the 't' in the words and is ever so cute when the kittens cry. Instead of soiling the mittens, in her version the kittens have sold their mittens.
yarn: KnitPicks Palette in petal and black
needles: Clover Bamboo 1 dpns


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Just in time for this weather....


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