Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fleece to Shawl Beginings

Preparations have begun for my first Fleece to Shawl competition. We are allowed to start with a washed/dyed fleece--does not have to be sheared on location. This weekend I aquired a sample of the fleece and proceeded to take it for a "test drive". Our fleece is from a border leister cross and was quite kinky, which I just love.
Here we are after washing:

Now after handcarding:

And finally the washed two-ply yarn. This is about a dk weight. We will be weaving so this will be the weft and close to the warp as well.

Now comes the hard part, trying to decide on an color for the accent yarn. I am thinking perhaps a jade green, cobalt blue and a copper. If you have suggestions, please share.


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