Sunday, August 05, 2007

August Already

It's been a little while, it's been hot and when it's hot I don't really like to sit by the computer that much. I have even been spinning right in front of the A/C. The past couple of days have been wonderful (it's 64 F at 3 pm) and I feel human again. I hve also had some computer issues that I thought were blogger's fault, but were actually the computer's.
I have been a little on the down side as the summer is winding down, school starts the 23rd and I don't feel like I have accomplished much this summer. My goals I think have always been the same since I can remember: completely clean and organize my house and lose 20 pounds. It seems that I never get those two things done.
I have finished a runner from the loom for a wedding gift:

This project used Maysville Carpet Warp set at 24 epi with cotton fabric as weft. I am pretty pleased with the outcome and there are actually two runners that came off this warp. Warp take-up was a little more than I am used to and I think I am going to need to consider a longer warping board. I am happy with this project.

One the loom next:
The former sewing room needs some rugs to cover the white berber that has a lot of stains. This stuff is glued down good. What a good excuse for me to make rag rugs right? The two balls of brown are some sheets that we Teddy Grahams. We have many sheet sets that aren't used, so I thought they would be better off as rugs. The walls in the room they are going in are a wonderful chocolate brown. I am a little jealous of the color actually, the thought of repainting our bedroom did cross my mind. ..


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