Thursday, March 23, 2006

Seasonal Mix-Up?

Here's the products of my dying adventures a few weekends back. I am very pleased with the colors--all are Cushings Perfection dyes, which are acid dyes. I tried something different to set the dyes this time since these ones aren't food safe. I sat them overnight on the radiator--we have hot water heat. I think it worked pretty good. Yarn is Henry's Attic Lichorice Twist. It has one fiber that takes the dye differently and gives a tweedy look. I noticed that this depends a little on the color that is used.

Oh yes, I did some regular skeined yarn and then I did a knitted tube. I have been looking at the and Sara Lamb's site and wanted to try my hand at this. I have done self-striping yarn before, but a 22 ft skein is hard to deal with when you have a toddler and a cat. I found a kid's knitting machine at the store ($19.99) to try it out on. I did a tube rather than a flat piece simply becuase I can't get the flat piece to have nice sides. The tube is easier to knit and the extra layer didn't cause any dying problems. I do think this was a little easier to deal with than the larger skein. I think a "real" knitting machine might have a smaller gauge and the ability to make a wider flat piece instead a really long tube, which is what I will have when I try this with 100g of lace weight merino.


At 9:12 PM, Anonymous marisa said...

Looks good--make sure you bring it along to knitting group sometime. I would love to see it "in person"


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