Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Getting Closer....

Here's what I put the finishing touches on tonight:

It started out as what I thought was the world's ugliest roving. Corriedale, dyed in a hot water bath with kool-aid colors that were inspired by the swirls in the stained-glass window at church. The colors did some strange things that they had never done before. Still manly though....

Two-plied and this roving turned into:

A pair of pretty awesome fingerless mittens for a man person I know. I love the striping and the muted tones of the colors. This was a lesson in never judge a roving until you are finished with the project.

Would have finished last night, discovered one was longer than the other and a few choice words later it was a trip to the frog pond.

Another project from start to finish:

Corriedale. Dyed with Wilton Cake colors
and heat set in the microwave. The colors came from a Finch I watched while knitting and waiting for eldest child at Zoo School this summer. I wanted to keep the colors together, but didn't want the hardness of a Navajo-ply and inspired by the Keyboard Biologist, I left them singles. The colors seperated slightly so that there is some variations in color--especially in the blue.

The pattern is from "Quick Knitted Gifts". I always have to size up when working with hand-spun, the pattern called for a #5, but I settled on a 7.

Now if these were only the last two... I so have roving for me I want to spin.


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