Sunday, October 16, 2005

Of Mice and Mittens

Okay, no mice, I have a trackpad. Bad computer joke.

I did finish the little mittens. I think she likes them, she has fallen asleep with them on two nights in a row. They are very soft--100% merino. We will see how they last at daycare through the winter. I like the striping on the body and on the thumbs, I just wish that they matched better.

As for other projects, I finished two socks this weekend. No pictures as they do not match. I think if I put pictures up I won't finish them. I am wearing one sock now, wishing I had a matched set as my foot is so warm and cuddley. My son always says his handmade socks feel like a "big hug". I am also working on a triangle drop-stitch scarf made from some handspun yarn.


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