Saturday, October 01, 2005

The lure of new projects....

Two new projects underway. This one was a fiber fair influence. I had some roving that I had dyed. The lady spinning next to me was pairing a multi-colored silk with a solid and it looked so neat and it got me thinking. She helped me pick the color and off I went. It amazes me how the addition of the solid changed the overall look of the multi single. I have 8 oz here and I am thinking of a triangle garter stitch shawl. Nothing real complicated, but the gal on the other side of me was wearing one and I just liked the way that it looked.

The other project that I have been working on is a felted laptop case from the most recent issure of IW Knits. I reasoned it was ok to start another project as this is stash busting. I am using Brown Sheep Nature Spun, which happened to be exactly what the patter called for--another rairity. I am making my own stripe pattern as I go. I feel like I am knitting an afghan with the length of it. I am hoping to get it finished next weekend. While looking through patterns to find this, an Airy Cardigan caught my eye...


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