Monday, September 05, 2005

Dr. Jane Goodall

This weekend was very exciting for me being a science geek--my son and I had the chance to hear Dr. Jane Goodall speak in our town. Our town is only about 20,000--big for South Dakota. I took a picture at the book signing table, but no flashes allowed. We had our picture taken, but it won't be posted on the website for a couple of weeks and I couldn't wait.

Dr. Goodall was a very inspiring speaker, full of hope and reminding us that little things do make a difference. She has a beatuful, calming voice and is very well spoken. She spoke for just over an hour, about her beginings and how she first went to Gombe. I was unaware that at that time she didn't have any sort of college degree. She told some stories about the chimps of course and about how the Jane Goodall Institute was formed and why as well as some of its programs. I wish I would have taken notes, as I can't remember a lot of the things she said right now.

My son enjoyed the chimp stories, especially when he figured out that his book REALLY happened. He liked the one about the big brother who took care of his little sister. He has been going on about how he has to take care of his sister now. The book we waited for over an hour to have signed was With Love--it's a children's book of short stories about the chimps.


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