Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Knitting Knerd

I discovered, by accident, that unexpected things can result in the dye process. I was working with some punta from S. America and using Wilton Cake Gels in a green with the following result:

I have definate bands of color seperation here--it's all one color of dye. Here's a closeup:

I had this happen with a couple of other colors too. Royal blue and of course black. I have never had this happen using food colors or Kool-Aid. Foolish me, I didn't take pictures of these, I did bring them so school to show my chemistry students though.

This spun into a beautiful yarn that I finished with a navajo ply, but my camera doesn't do it justice, so I opted to not include a picture.

My dying method was the same--cold pour with a steam set. The concentration was very similar as well, so this leads me to believe that the breed of sheep caused the difference.

I think I will try some other colors this weekend to do some testing. I may even take the small amounts and blend it together which is something else I want to try...

Moral of the story----ALWAYS TAKE PICTURES!!


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