Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mittens for Mom

New mittens! Of course they have a story:

Pink yarn is merino from KnitPicks bought who knows how long ago to make girl a pair of lacy socks.

Daycare complains that girl's mittens aren't warm enough--they aren't very thick. Never mind they are 100% merino that has been felted from playing in sandbox. Mom gets mad, decides to make felted pink mittens for daughter. Mom has never made felted mittens before. Won't shrink enough to fit toddler hands, but will fit Mom's hands. Mom feels strangely attracted to pink color and pairs a handspun/dyed blue-faced leicester yarn for ribbing. Mom wears mitten after major blizzard. Mom likes mittens, thinks pink snow boots and a new pink scarf might be the thing. Mom has NOTHING else that is pink.

Oh yes, Mom gave in and bought daughter thick store-bought nylon mittens. She knows hers are warmer, but she has learned that you never piss off your daycare providers. Mom makes mental note to make mittens for daycare providers.....


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