Sunday, November 06, 2005

November Nittings

I have been finishing up a few projects, trying to get Christmas knitting started. I discovered that I like making socks and other things--for me.

Here are some pics of some finished objects:

Here is a scarf for a lady in our study group at church who is ill. She has been wanting a fuzzy scarf for about a year, and I didn't know how to tell her that I was so sick of making them. I was really happy with it when it was done, I like the colors.

Here is one of a pair of Simple Stripes socks from Knit Picks. I think the color is Storm. I like it, it can be either purple or blue depending on what color you are wearing with it. I do have the other sock done, but we are in the middle of laundry at the moment.

Perhaps I should ask for a new digital camera for Christmas. This is a drop-stitch shawl that is made from a two-ply handspun yarn. One ply is a solid burgandy and the other is a multicolored, green, purple and a red. This is the largest project I have ever made from my handspun. My husband said he didn't think it would be very warm with the dropped stitches, but I had to take it off at church--it was warm. I wish I could get a close-up of the yarn.


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