Friday, March 16, 2007

Stick It To Me

I have only lived in here for five or six years and I have never hung pictures up. Bad Mommy. I tend to organize/clean/rearrange when home for long periods of time and during Spring Break I decided that now was the time to get those pictures hung. 15+ frames later I have a decorated stairwell. Best part is there are only three nails involved. All the pictures excet the two largest are hung with Command Strips. These are so awesome!!! They are especially wonderful for 100+ year old plaster walls.

For those of you wanting knitting content here it is:

Finished Jaywalkers. There are two, I only photgraphed one. I like the way the pattern changes the look of the SimpleStripes from KnitPicks. These were an earl birthday present for my SIL who frequently works at one of those gas booths where her feet get a little chilly.


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