Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tuesday = Tableware

I got some stuff finished on the loom over the extended weekend due to the blizzard. First up is a tablerunner made of 1" cotton fabric that was in a toile pattern. It is destined as a runner for my new table when it finally arrives. It's hard to take pictures of long runners.

This runner is about 48" in length and 16" in width. Warp is 10/20 cotton trippled set at 12 epi.

Here is a close-up, to show texture.
I like to use fabric for runners and also for rugs. The one inch strips and the 12 epi creates a material that is not to thick to use as on the table. I manually beat the strips to compress the fabric as much as possible.

This mat is about 22". I should have made it longer. It was an experinment using Lily Peaches n Cream Cotton. It is a thicker yarn that is very durable and very cheap. I have always liked all the different colors it comes in. I am also just now noticing that I cut about 1/4 of the mat out of the picture. Imagine another blue stripe. Originally I was thinking of giving it to our neighbors as a thank you for snow blowing our sidewal during the last snow storm, but I don't think it is long enough. Here is a close-up:

I am pleased with the weight and texture of this. Definitely a do-again. The variegated yarn adds interest, but it isn't something that someone might consider "too pretty" to use for every day use. That happens to me a lot with gifts. I even made a proto-type placemat to match my dining room. I ran out of warp though and only finished one. Have to decide if I want to do the others with a matching warp.


At 12:29 PM, Blogger Missy said...

Wow, I had a toy loom when I was little. I'd have to say that was how I developed my love of yarn. Those look great. I think I might be seeing a new craft project to add to my list!!!!


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