Sunday, January 28, 2007

Down to the Line!

I had given up on being able to submit something to the Red Scarf Project for this year. I connected to this project becuase of the death of my mother at the end of my freshman year in college. My mailbox was never the same after that. I had been working on a cotton accent scarf that was using a painted red warp and solid red weft. It just wasn't meant to be as it was taking me forever to finish it and ultimately the preschooler took the scissors to the warp. I guess she was trying to tell me something. I went to SnB last week (about 45 minutes away) and was inspired by the scarves the shop owner had been weaving out of novelty yarns. Open new life for these yarns for me! They had left a bad taste in my mouth after all the scarves. It intrigued me how the appearance and texture changed with weaving vs. knitting.

The warp yarns are 2 skeins of FurReal by Southwest Trading Co., Incredible ribbon yarn from Lion, and some generic black mohair. Weft is RedHeart (gulp) Plush, which is a loopy yarn, and I really like this yarn. I know, I know. Not only did I get one scarf finished, I got TWO done!!

Anyway, I did happen to stop at my LYS, which specializes in man-made fibers and a whole bunch of ribbon yarn was marked down to $3.00/ball. I stocked up. Does it count as stash enrichment if you are purchasing to help you get rid of what's in your stash? I thought not.


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