Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stewed Tomatoes

This scarf has a story. A story so ridiculous, that I can't do it justice here in blogland. You can't see how ridiculous I looked hauling this fleece in my leaf-filled backyard and then dropping it as it was larger than me. You didn't see how it looked like I had some strange creature in my backyard as the fleece dried on my chaise lounges, and then get snowed on. You didn't see me try to wash the fleece in my kids old sandbox and dump the water out only to give up and try doing it on the picnic table with the hose. You didn't see the washing machine full of grime after the 5th washing. But you can see the finished object of the picking, picking, washing, picking, carding, dying, spinning and knitting. One completed scarf. The fiber is actually Columbian, very soft, except for all the dirt in it. The sheep didn't get their usual sheering time due to the drought. My MIL promises me that the next batch will be cleaner. She promised.

My SIL and I named this colorway stewed tomatoes as that is exactly what it looks like. It was a gift for my FIL for Christmas. He can wear it and think of me while he is feeding the sheep. Maybe the occasional remaining pokey will serve as a reminder to keep my sheep clean.

There is still another fleece in the garage, untouched. Ho hum.


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