Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I received my order from Paradise Fibers today. Excitement!! I have 1lb of their own merino top which is only $12.00/lb. I have used it before and it dyes wonderfully and is very soft. And 3 lbs of merino/tussah blend for a sweater for the hubster. As an experiment, I also purchased a couple of ounces of recyled sari silk to spin up. Oh fibers, how I love thee...

The hubster's sweater has a little story to it. I seem to find color inspiration in all sorts of places. The two most common ones for me are church (stained class windows) and the zoo. Here is the inspiration for the color of the sweater:

Well, this is a picture I found off the internet, too lazy to figure out how to get it from the camcorder. This is a Golden Tamarind. We have two of them at our zoo and the hubster was just watching them, and he commented that he really liked the colors of them. They are beautiful--so now it is my job to attempt to capture this in other fibers. I don't think the zoo would allow me to shear the monkeys. It gets cold here in the winter.

He says he really not a sweater person, but I found a men's pattern in the new IW Knits that he kinda liked and the picture is done in orange colors. Maybe that's a sign?? I think perhaps that this might also be my first attempt at a 3-ply yarn.


At 8:15 PM, Blogger Leigh said...

Lovely purchases. Kate always does have good bargains. The recycled sari silk looks especially interesting. Similar to the throwster's waste I worked with not too long ago. Makes yummy yarn!


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