Friday, June 30, 2006

Ode To A Simple Sock

Oh mindless sock how I love thee...
You allow my mind to wander
When the day has overwhelmed me.
Of my own yarn I could not be fonder
the way the colors blend and change
so simple in stockinette
to see how the same stitches rearrange
so simple--this pleasure how could I forget?

This is the roving that I dyed last fall at our local Fiber Fair. I thought that I really should get it knitted up before this year's fair. Kool-Aid colors on merino two-ply. I really do enjoy watching the colors change and rearrange--I think that it looks the best in just a simple sock.
There has been some progess on the spinning front as well. 1 marmaset bobbin. I can't get my bobbins quite as full as some people, I start to have problems with the Scotch tension.


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